Why Is My Insurance Estimate Lower Than the Body Shop Quote?


Imagine you have a toy car. One day, it gets a little scratch. You think it’ll take five candies to fix, but the toy doctor says ten. Confusing, right?

🚗 The Toy Car and Its Scratch

Our real cars are a bit like our toy cars. Sometimes they get scratches or dents.

And just like our toy dilemma, there’s sometimes a difference in how many candies (or dollars) people think it’ll take to fix.

💼 The Insurance’s Candy Pouch

Insurance companies have a pouch of candies. They look at the scratch and guess how many candies it’ll take to fix.

But sometimes, their guess is a bit low. Maybe they didn’t see how deep the scratch was!

🔧 The Toy Doctor’s Expertise

The toy doctor, or in real life, the body shop, takes a closer look. They might see things the insurance missed.

That’s why they sometimes say it’ll take more candies (or dollars) to make the car look brand new again.

It’s always good to talk. If your insurance’s candy count is low, chat with them. Show them what the toy doctor found. Maybe they’ll give you more candies for the fix!


Just like with toy cars and candies, sometimes insurance estimates and body shop quotes don’t match. It’s essential to communicate and ensure your car gets the best care, making it shiny and new again. 🌟






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