Is Insurance Really a Racket? Let’s Explore!

 Imagine a big umbrella. 🌂 On rainy days, this umbrella keeps you dry and cozy. But what if someone said, “That umbrella is just for show!” Would you believe them?

🌧️ The Rainy Days: Why We Need Insurance

Life has its rainy days.

Insurance is like that trusty umbrella, ready to shield us when things get stormy, like accidents or illnesses.

🤔 The Doubts: Why Some Say It’s a Racket

Some people feel they pay for the umbrella but never see the rain.

They might think, “Why am I paying for something I don’t use?” This feeling can lead to the idea that insurance is more about money than protection.

🌈 The Reality: Understanding the Bigger Picture

But remember, the rain can come anytime!

Insurance is about being ready. It’s a promise that if the storm comes, you won’t get wet. It’s about peace of mind and feeling safe, no matter what.

So, when someone says, “insurance is a racket,” it’s essential to remember the real purpose of that protective umbrella. It’s not just about the sunny days but being prepared for any weather.


Insurance, like a trusty umbrella, is there to protect and comfort. 🌂 While it’s essential to choose the right one for your needs, it’s equally vital to understand its true purpose: to shield and support during life’s unexpected storms.






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