If a College Student’s Child Goes to Another State, What Will Happen to Kaiser’s Insurance?


Exploring the scenario where a college student’s child relocates to another state and its impact on Kaiser Permanente insurance. 🎓

🏢 Kaiser Permanente Coverage Beyond State Borders

Answer: No, if a college student’s child goes to another state, they will no longer be covered by Kaiser Permanente insurance. Kaiser Permanente is a regional health insurance provider, and their coverage is limited to the states in which they operate.

📚 Options for College Students and Their Children

College students with children attending out-of-state colleges have several options for health insurance:

  • Enroll in the college’s student health insurance plan, which often extends coverage to dependents and is valid nationwide.
  • Consider private health insurance plans designed for students and their dependents, comparing costs and coverage.
  • Keep the child on the Kaiser Permanente plan but be prepared for higher out-of-network rates, which can be expensive.

The choice of the right plan should be based on careful consideration of the child’s healthcare needs, costs, and coverage offered.

💡 Tips for Choosing Health Insurance

When selecting health insurance for a college student’s child:

  • Assess the child’s specific health requirements and preferred care providers.
  • Compare the total cost, including premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.
  • Ensure the chosen plan covers the necessary healthcare providers and facilities.
  • Verify if the plan has a network in the state where the child attends college.
  • Read and understand the plan’s terms, conditions, and exclusions before enrollment.


When a college student’s child moves to another state, Kaiser Permanente insurance coverage ends. Exploring alternative options, including student health plans and private insurance, is essential to ensure the child continues to have adequate healthcare coverage. 🎓






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