Does OHSU Accept Kaiser Insurance?


Imagine a big castle named OHSU. Now, let’s see if they open their gates for the Kaiser insurance knights!

🏰 The Castle of Health: OHSU

OHSU is a big place where people go to feel better. Like a magical castle with doctors instead of wizards!

🛡️ The Knights of Kaiser Insurance

Kaiser insurance is like a group of knights. They promise to help people by paying for their visits to the castle.

🤔 Do The Castle and Knights Work Together?

Here’s the big question: Does the OHSU castle let the Kaiser knights in? Well, OHSU usually sees Kaiser as out-of-network. This means they might not work together as closely as one might hope. It’s always a good idea to ask OHSU directly to be sure.

Remember, castles and knights might have their own rules. So, always check before you plan a visit!


OHSU is a special place, but they typically consider Kaiser insurance as out-of-network. Before planning your health adventure, always check with OHSU directly. Every adventure has its own story! 🌈






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