Does Insurance Cover Windshield Calibration?


Imagine your toy car 🚗. It has a clear screen in front. Now, think if that screen could see and needed special tuning. That’s what happens with some real cars!

🔍 What’s Windshield Calibration?

Windshield calibration is like tuning a toy’s eyes 👀. For real cars, it makes sure the car’s screen sees things right and helps the car drive safely.

💼 The Role of Insurance

Insurance is like a safety net 🕸️. If something goes wrong, it can help. But does it help with tuning the car’s screen? Let’s find out!

🚗 Car Screen and Insurance

Some insurances say, “Yes, we’ll help!” when the car’s screen needs tuning. Others might say, “No, it’s not in our list.” It’s always good to ask them first.

So, before tuning your car’s screen, check with your insurance. It’s like asking if a toy is safe to play with.


Insurance might help with windshield calibration, but it’s best to check first. Like making sure our toys are in good shape, it’s always good to be informed and safe on the road. 🚗🛣️






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