do amish have insurance on their buggies?


Yes, many Amish communities do have insurance on their buggies. While the Amish lifestyle is known for its simplicity and separation from modern conveniences, they are also pragmatic and understand the risks associated with using buggies on public roads.

In areas where the Amish live, especially in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, there are insurance companies that offer specialized policies for Amish buggies. These policies can cover damage to the buggy, liability for damage to other vehicles, and medical costs for injuries. The coverage is similar to auto insurance but tailored to the unique needs of horse-drawn buggies.

It’s important to note that practices can vary among different Amish communities. Some may rely more on community-based aid or mutual aid agreements within their community for assistance in case of accidents or damage, rather than formal insurance policies. However, as road safety concerns and legal requirements have grown, more Amish communities have adopted the use of insurance for their buggies.






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