Car Not Fixed Properly After Insurance Claim: What to Do?


Imagine you have a toy car 🚗. One day, it breaks. You ask someone to fix it, but when you get it back, it’s still not right. What would you do?

🔧 The Broken Toy Car

When a real car gets hurt, like in an accident, it goes to a car doctor called a mechanic. The insurance helps pay to fix it.

🤨 Not Fixed Right?

But what if the car doctor doesn’t fix it right? It’s like getting your toy car back, and it still can’t roll properly.

📞 What Can You Do?

You can talk to the insurance company. Tell them, “My car isn’t fixed right.” They might help make sure the car gets fixed properly.

It’s important to make sure our cars (or toy cars) are fixed right so they can roll smoothly again! 🚗💨


If your car isn’t fixed properly after an insurance claim, it’s like having a toy car that can’t roll. But don’t worry! Talk to the insurance company, and they can help. Always make sure your car is happy and rolling smoothly! 🚗🛠️






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