Can Car Insurance Be a Business Expense?


Navigating the nuances of business expenses? Car insurance might qualify. Here’s what savvy business owners should consider.

Tax Deductions on Car Insurance for Businesses

Utilize your vehicle for business? You’re entitled to tax deductions on insurance premiums. The deductible amount is proportional to the business use of your car.

Deduction methods:

  • Standard Mileage Rate: For 2023, claim 62.5 cents per mile for business travel.
  • Actual Expenses: Opt to deduct the actual costs incurred, including insurance and maintenance.

Optimizing Tax Deductions for Business Car Use

For businesses using vehicles, meticulous record-keeping is crucial for maximizing tax deductions.

Maximization Tips:

  • Maintain a Mileage Log: Track every mile driven for business to substantiate standard mileage deductions or actual expenses.
  • Preserve Receipts: Keep all car-related receipts, including those for insurance and maintenance.
  • Business Credit Card Usage: Charge all vehicle-related expenses to a business credit card for streamlined expense tracking and deduction claims.


Car insurance qualifies as a business expense when linked to business use. Adhering to the outlined record-keeping strategies is key to leveraging this deduction.

Additional Resources

Expand your understanding:

  • IRS: Your authoritative source on tax deductions.
  • NASE: Tailored support for the self-employed.
  • SBA: A wealth of small business guidance.






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