Monday, 15 June 2020

Twitter launches new feature to prevent 'transmission' of fake news!

Own report: False, baseless information is spreading on social media one after another in the atmosphere of Corona panic. As a result, ordinary people are getting confused. Of course, such incidents are not new on various social media platforms. However, this time Twitter has come up with a new feature to stop the spread of fake news.

It is learned that users have to go through a new stage before retweeting or sharing a tweet. Before retweeting or sharing a tweet, the user will be asked if he has opened or read the post. After giving this answer, the user will be able to retweet that post.

Through this method, the company wants to verify the informational authenticity of a post through the user. For now, Twitter has experimentally launched this special feature for Android users only. This feature will be turned on for all users later.