Monday, 15 June 2020

This Indian app has been removed from the Play Store, alleging breach of policy!

Own report: Hirik of boycotting Chinese app across social media. Taking advantage of that trend, a new app called Remove Chinese Apps was brought to the Play Store by a technology company in Jaipur. There were more than 5 million downloads. However, the Google Play Store removed the app for allegedly violating the policy.

"No one app can encourage or uninstall one or more other apps," the Google Play Store said on Tuesday.

Coronavirus situation. Tensions on the Indo-China border. And standing in that situation, especially the call to boycott Chinese products through social media. And the message to uninstall the Chinese app first to get rid of Chinese products is now circulating on social media. Again, where 80 percent of the world's smartphone components are made in China, many have been seen to question the rationale for just eliminating the app.

The trend of boycotting Chinese products has been ignited by the TickTock vs. YouTube debate. Tick ​​tock uninstall and bad ratings have been seen on the social media wall.

Remove Chinese apps

Mitro, an almost similar app made in India, came down tight to capture the lost market of Chinese app Tiktak. This app gets popularity almost immediately. In a few days, the download has crossed 50 lakhs. However, that app also blew up the Google Play Store for alleged breach of policy.

The developers of Remove Chinese Apps have announced the removal from the Play Store on their website. However, they denied the Play Store's allegations. "This app was not intended to force you to uninstall an app," the company said in a statement. The app was created for 'educational purposes', the company said.