Monday, 15 June 2020

The gap in the new feature of WhatsApp has melted and 3 lakh phone numbers are appearing in Google search!

Own report: Your mobile number can easily reach any stranger! Needless to say, a Google search may reveal your mobile number to a stranger! However, this is not possible. However, if you also use WhatsApp's new chat feature 'Click to Chat', then your number may be found in Google search by anyone!

Let's find out now about the Click to Chat feature ...

This Click to Chat feature allows you to WhatsApp any number. In that case the message can be sent even if the number is not saved in the mobile. Usually the number that is not saved in the user's mobile, WhatsApp message can not be sent to that number. Therefore, this feature is quite interesting for WhatsApp users! But if you chat using this feature, the WhatsApp user's number will reach Google search. Because, the number moves in the metadata search index of the feature. <phone_number> The user number is visible in Google search from this URL. That is what cyber security expert Athul Jayaram says. Currently, nothing can be seen by clicking on this URL ( <phone_number>).

WhatsApp Click to Chat feature

Jayaram said, about 3 lakh such mobile numbers are still found in Google search! Although WhatsApp's explanation for this is that all users who want to make their mobile numbers 'public' or visible to everyone, only their numbers can be found in Google search. There is no security risk involved.