Monday, 15 June 2020

Mitron returns to Google Play Store after 72 hours!

Own report: India's popular app Mitron was removed from the Play Store for 'crimes' against Google's policy. But just 72 hours later, Google brought the app back to the Play Store.

Within a month of the launch of the app, this Mitron took place on the smartphones of millions of people. At first glance, many people thought that the feature of this app, it is probably made in imitation of the Chinese app TikTok. It was later revealed that Mitron was actually an app created by the Pakistani company Qboxus.

But why was Mitron removed from the Google Play Store?

It is learned that the native app Mitron was removed from the Play Store as a 'crime' against Google's policy. According to Google's policy, it is against the policy to develop an app with the content of another app without making any changes. That's why Mitron was removed from the Play Store.

So why was this app brought back?

According to the company, Mitron has been brought back to the Play Store after changing some features of the app. Mitron has changed a number of areas, including audio libraries, video uploads, bug fixes, and crash fixes. As a result, Mitron is back in the Play Store.