Monday, 15 June 2020

Complaint of monitoring the user's personal information! 500 million lawsuit against Google

Own report: Serious allegations against Google. The company has also been accused of illegally monitoring users' personal information in the Chrome browser's' Incognito Mode '. The lawsuit was filed in a U.S. court seeking 500 million in damages from Google.

The company has been sued in a U.S. court, alleging that Google illegally monitors the user's browsing history in Chrome's incognito or private mode and collects that information.

Google has denied the allegations. According to the agency, many people have no clear idea about incognito mode. Many people think that Google Chrome's 'Search History' is not tracked when using incognito mode.

A spokesman for the company said that if you use incognito mode, all the information related to browsing is not in the browser or device. However, if the user wants to search the website, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, including the user's browsing details can be collected in various ways. Google also claims that the company has never hidden this from users. In response to the case, the agency said it would present the matter to the court with evidence.