Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Call of Duty: A new Gulag map will come in mobile this month.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games due to its multiplayer game mode and Battle Royal. For some time now, Call of Duty: Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been rumored to have a Gulag Map of Warzone mode on mobile. Now, the game's developers have finally revealed via Reddit that a new Gulag map will be coming to the mobile version of the game this month. With Season 7 of the recently released Call of Duty, the developers shared many details, including some about this upcoming map.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gulag map

In the Reddit post, Call of Duty: Mobile Team shared a roadmap of upcoming features. He said that the Gulag map is linked to the upcoming gunfight mode and that it will be released in the game by the end of June. Developers will share more information about Gulag Map in the coming few days.

Gulag was first seen in the PC and Console version of Call of Duty: Mordern Warfare (2019) in Warzone mode. This is a prison area, where players are sent to Verdansk Battlefield as a second occasion, soon after they die. This puts the two dead players in the Gulag map in Verdansk, and the winning player is sent back to play in Verdansk as a second chance.

The developers also shared a lot of information about the new season 7. The name of this season is Radioactive Agent. It brings a new map called Tunisia, in which multiple modes can be played. This is a large multiplayer map, with Tunisia tussle event currently underway. The Battle Royale Map is enlarged with seven new areas, including Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanatorium, and some other areas. Apart from this, new weapons, skins, calling cards, a new tank and many optimizations have been added in the new season.