Monday, 15 June 2020

Be careful! This picture wallpaper is going to hang the smartphone.

Own report: No links or apps. Just a beautiful landscape. There may be a desire to make wallpaper. But, beware. The smartphone is getting hung up badly as soon as this picture is wallpapered. Needless to say, if the smartphone hangs in this lockdown market, it will cause enough headaches.

Can't believe it? Of course, not believing is normal. How will the phone hang if you set a wallpaper! Ignoring the warning message of an account on Twitter, many people downloaded this picture on their smartphones and made this wallpaper. And then their smartphone hangs. Completely blank, the screen turns on and off completely.

Never set this picture as wallpaper, especially for Samsung mobile phone users!
It will cause your phone to crash!
Don't try it!
If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it.

Countless victims have also shared their experiences on Ice Universe's tweets by opening Twitter from another phone. Some people also tweeted videos of the issue using other smartphones.

So if you find a picture like this somewhere or someone sends it on social media, it is better not to set it as wallpaper. According to the victims, this wallpaper is making the phone hang, especially in the case of Samsung's Android smartphone users.

What to do if you inadvertently wallpaper this picture and the phone hangs?

Nothing to worry about. Once the smartphone is factory reset, the UI will be back to normal. However, in this case, all the documents, files, folders in the memory of your smartphone will be deleted.

Why is that happening?

According to Android experts, the Android operating system is usually capable of processing images in sRGB format. However, some images do not have this format. This image does not appear to have sRGB. As a result, the system UI is crashing while processing the image due to this restricted color space problem.