Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Review ASUS VivoBook 14 Notebook - Compact, Lightweight, Powerful.

These days, the majority of devices' qualities are compactness and freedom. Laptops are best for this particular description - a replacement for a PC perhaps not inferior to them in regard to functionality and functionality. ASUS has proved it may make excellent notebooks, both for businessmen (remember the ZenBook lineup ) and for players ( ASUS ROG for the triumph ). But now we'll discuss a middle-class notebook, and that, nonetheless, can function both for function and for matches - ASUS VivoBook 14.

Total set, layout, meeting

Everything is standard and easy with the bundle bundle - the box includes a charger for this, and also the ASUS VivoBook 14 itself.

Taking the notebook we visit that a cover using the business emblem made in my situation - blue.

We start the device - and it's simple to do so with a single hand, as a result of its moderate stiffness of this hinges along with an extra protrusion on the pay - and we view that a 14"display that occupies virtually the whole distance of front panel, except for the reduced somewhat broad strip - there's yet another ASUS emblem on it.

On a vinyl pallete panel using a texture - the color's touchpad where the fingerprint detector is situated over - a fantastic keyboard with keys, over.

Generally, this laptop's plan is reasonably contrasting, fine and restrained. You're able to take a notebook and it is not a pity.

This device's assembly is fine - backlashes, openings, nearly and the notebook doesn't bend doesn't creak . When you choose the device on your hands, its lightness strikes - just 1.3 kg. VivoBook 14 is not going to burden its proprietor on excursions and excursions and is fantastic for usage.

Arrangement of components
Let us head to bottom. Over the screen is a webcam using an operation index along with a mike, under it, on the opposite leaf of this apparatus, there's a keyboard (greetings from Captain Proof ), below which will be a touchpad (hello ) using a fingerprint scanner.

Bottom - two speakers, 4 rubber feet that are enormous and ventilation grilles.

Generally, all vents and other elements' place is comfy, but not.

I want to notice the power button, which looks and feels like any other key, and it's situated in the corner of the computer keyboard. You want to get used to the you risk, like me putting the device a few times every day.

The drawback, however it's my quirks, is that the positioning of the jack. I prefer using a notebook along with surgeries are interfered with by the wire sticking from this unit. If that isn't crucial for you, simply skip this trend, but for me personally it is inconvenient.

Another attribute is that the positioning of the socket ventilation grille in the back. The stream of air is redirected across the display up After the notebook is in the condition. Throughout the"challenging" functioning of this device, the display warms up significantly into the center. This is the notion of engineers, since with this setup of the grille, the air outlet is just impossible to shut off while the notebook is currently operating. So far as the screen is resistant to temperatures, an individual can only imagine. However the designers must have foreseen of the choices.

Screen and audio
ASUS VivoBook 14 is outfitted with a, which has big viewing angles and reproduces colours - under the 180. The brightness margin is sufficient to cheer - that the minimum is sufficient to operate in darkness, and the max permits the apparatus to be used by you in Sunny times that are glossy - and there'll be no warmth, as a result of this finish.

Concerning the noise ought to be mentioned. SonicMaster technologies, and this, according to the firm, is a group of hardware and software solutions for enhancing audio is used by the notebook. Quite simply - superbly. In life - lovely. ASUS VivoBook 14 provides out only noise - listen hard stone, to music, but I really don't say anything - it is a joy to see a sound system and this kind of screen.

It's also worth mentioning the ASUS Audio Wizard program that is out-of-the-box - it permits you to decide on the sound mode that is proper from one of five choices - Films, Music, Games, Speech and Recording. Incidentally, the manners are configured but not automatically, which means it's possible to take advantage of this program.

Keyboard and touchpad
The movement is little but with tactile feedback. The arrow keys aren't high - of the keys, which has turned into a solution that is normal for notebooks, but it is comfortable to utilize them.

The location of the power button, without a dependence, that has been cited previously, an individual can note the absence of backlighting and, One of the shortcomings.

The touchpad is big enough, created in the exact same as the whole top plank, silver-gray colour, but in lieu of the feel"beneath the alloy" - the normal matte finish. Rather than buttons that are individual, you have to click the lower corners of the panel on the left and right. There is support for most gestures.

Corner is a fingerprint scanner. But my fingers are twisted (which is very probable ), also it truly works every other moment. It didn't understand my fingerprint, or just worked the very first time.

Generally, the notebook is more convenient to use with no extra input devices. And because we spoke about inputting info, it is time.

I will say straight away - that the notebook is currently flying. It may be used for almost any purpose - the NVIDIA GeForce 940MX accelerator is set up for producing video, working with gambling or 3D versions, and the Intel Core i7 7500U chip provides the speed. The unit is made as adaptable as possible and deals with any task.

Nonetheless, the ASUS VivoBook 14's operation is exceptional, my notebook compiled / implemented along with perhaps not the toughest games were pulled by the code. The machine begins in under 10 minutes - two TB of hard disk memory is sufficient with your mind, although the SSD functions with a bang.

The rate test revealed about 150 Mbit / s for downloading and 170 for yield - however I am certain this isn't the limit - only my previous TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 router couldn't supply more speed.

In addition, remember about Bluetooth 4.2 along with the existence of a complete gigabit network card with an RJ45 connector. Generally, the unit isn't deprived of network ports.

Working hours
A 42 Wh battery retains the fee flawlessly - it continues for 6 hours of continuous operation (surfing the web or office function ), or to get 3.5-4 hours of resource-intensive activities, like creating a movie or a match.

The maker claims that the battery costs up to 60 percent in only 49 minutes. Well, analyzed in clinic - a bit less than one hour, along with 60 percent are actually reached by the fee level.

ASUS VivoBook 14 is a device with features because of its price group. The notebook is extremely compact and light, with a gorgeous design and offered in a vast array of color variants: you want a solution for company and company meetings - rigorous gray or strong dark blue, for fans of vivid colours - succulent red, well, remember about luxury - choices are white and golden.

The specialized equipment permits you to utilize the ultrabook in every area of work and life - from easy office usage and Internet surfing to movie rendering, gambling and viewing films, and a high quality capacious battery lets you do this from the socket for a very long time period.

It's also worth noting that the existence of security of your data with a fingerprint scanner you won't pass!

Of the openings, I can notice the positioning of the power button the ineffective, as for me personally along with the jack on the right side. But should youlike me, don't believe these disadvantages are crucial - ASUS VivoBook 14 is an excellent solution for virtually any lifestyle scenarios.


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