Thursday, 20 June 2019

Review Lenovo ThinkPad E580 Business Notebook

Back in 1992, the most effective chip was that the DECchip 21064 with a frequency of 150 MHz. In precisely the same year, Intel announced Pentium were called by a chip. In the exact same year, the production of ThinkPad notebooks from IBM started. Following a 26 years, I pick up a laptop from a new creation of the line, currently from Lenovo, far from the most esteemed Lenovo ThinkPad E580, and I'm even afraid to imagine just how much more powerful it is compared to the very first version, which is practically older than me. Can it be, although the remainder hasn't changed much?

Positioning Lenovo ThinkPad E580
The ThinkPad E580 was released maybe not so long ago, at the official Lenovo event, a report where can be read here. To call it a funding or weak language doesn't turn, although this version is relatively modest initial in operation. The price of the E580 finishes at $1242/33201 hryvnias complete with two pushes along with a video card and begins from $850/22796 hryvnias for the minimum configuration. We ran with discrete graphics and a single drive 20KSZ3PMUS to the evaluation version. This version's price should be approximately $1000.

I will prefer to leave the delivery because your laptop arrived not in pre-sale condition, set aside. Well, the charge was firm, good, there are not any questions.

In the photograph below, in addition to the notebook, the Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive is shown. This is an essential accessory for your corporate business as a result of built-in hardware encryption (without impacting the read / write speed) and data security by entering a password with mechanical buttons. 500 GB and 1 TB choices are available. Links are going to be at the close of the report.

That is what really changed in the time of their ThinkPad, it's look. Regardless, the versions are somewhat prestigious. The E580's surface is matte metal grey, pleasantly cools fingers. Such is it below and above, in addition to on the sides. Although, the sale also includes a classic variant of the notebook computer.

Above, gray (in the literal sense of the word) is diluted with a magical ThinkPad logo with a noticeable large-longitudinal grinding. The red dot in it, by the way, glows based on the state of this apparatus. In addition, we remember that from the best traditions of the ThinkPad, the notebook is analyzed by the criteria of the US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810G. It is unlikely that he will stop the bullet, but he'll withstand the difficulties of life with dignity and certainty.

Bottom of the notebook there are rubber feet in the title of the god of steadfastness and stability of Nesliasin - a pair of gaskets that are small and a long, located across the entire width of this circumstance. Closer to the center - venting holes - speaker slots covered with nets. Incidentally.

There is no slot for access to hard drives, the cover is solid and padded on ten screws, among which is coated with a warranty sticker. This really is a formal one or a option - unknown, we're awaiting the comments of specialists, as well as novices and masters.

The sides of our gray and matte hero are full of peripherals. On the other hand are USB Type-C, HDMI and a set of full-sized USB 3.1, one of which has support for rapid charging. In addition, you can control the device from the particular slot when the notebook itself turned away or is sleeping. Nearby is a 3.5mm hybrid headset jack.

Open the notebook and see the computer keyboard using the display. Against the sun it is read more or not adequately, the advantage is really a dull surface, although I would like more brightness (just 240 cd / m2), and I advise avoiding direct sunlight when working with it. Color rendering can be mediocre, 37.6% for Adobe RGB and 58% for sRGB. But the reading angles are excellent, IPS here saves the day. Over the screen is a 720p webcam that is mediocre, under it's the Lenovo logo and name.

Everything will be more interesting here. The Lenovo ThinkPad E580 computer keyboard is full-sized, with a NumPad plus a replicate Fn button. True, it is located INSTEAD of Ctrl, and the last one left a bit. If it's convenient for you to have CTRL with a border However, this may be repaired - we go into the Lenovo Vantage utility, where you are able to make a castling. Enter single line, right shift long. But sleep mode is recorded as a function.

At the middle, between H, G and B, in the recess there's a purple trackpoint, it is also a tensometric joystick, it is likewise a branded"pimp" of crimson color using a cross feel for further... senses. ThinkPad without it is not a ThinkPad, so everything is fine.

Below is a trinity of buttons with branded tactile micro-humps on the center and a touchpad. The touchpad isn't bad, although not matte enough. On the left is fingerprint scanner and your ThinkPad logo.

Even though the layout of some of the keys is quite addictive, the keyboard of the ThinkPad E580 itself is fairly nice. Or reassigning keys to the BIOS, I was told by experts.

That is, Lenovo ThinkPad E580 shows a generous soul allowing you to publish on the sofa or in bed.

Hardware equipment
This is an eight-thread handsome using an average frequency of 1.6 GHz, a boost up to 3.4 GHz and support for RAM around 2400 MHz outfitted with an Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics chip... that, however, is unlikely to be needed, because there's also a discrete graphics in the notebook - AMD Radeon RX 550 two GB. RAM 8 GB, a empty slot is, the maximum allowable volume is 32 GB. The drive is just one, however, nimble - a 512 GB NVMe SSD. Under the hood there is likewise an empty slot for a different 2.5"HDD or SSD drive.

The link can also be pleasing - in addition to Bluetooth 4.2, we have support for dual-band Wi-Fi, due to its Intel Dual Band Wireless AC3165 card. Speeds - below 300 Mb / s.


And allow the hardware doesn't look its own power permits you to play competitive games such as CS: GO and Overwatch, with FPS on settings. But the video card won't pull AAA-titles that are serious. A couple of benchmarks will be lower.

In the practice of analyzing, I had a massive problem - from this box, the processor frequency didn't want to move over... 1.1 GHz for almost any ghosting. And under load it fell to 900 MHz, and this is catastrophically little even. How little? GTA V at startup warned that the apparatus does not match the requirements. And this is GTA V, gentlemen and ladies, which goes to Intel Atom and does not turn its nose. I am silent about the responsiveness of the machine, which I've been running in the disk at a rate of 5400 RPM.

The solution came by itself - Lenovo BIOS update after a few hours of my distress suggested really updating the BIOS. Following that, the speeds returned to normal, and my darling sang already, though in the frequencies which the chip received.

Incidentally, the temperature of the laptop is acceptable. Even to just 80 degrees, the chip in ten minutes heated up with a frequency of 1100 MHz in AIDA64. But, after the benchmark Sleeping Dogs, bless John Woo, with normal frequencies, the fever did not rise above 65 degrees. Throttling was minimal. The fans' noise was apparent.


If you would rather listen not to howls of coolers, however, say, movies or music, a set of side speakers can help you. They lack bass, but at maximum volume the sound isn't distorted. We still recommend using a headset - there are no complaints regarding the 3.5 millimeter combi-connector.

It can withstand up to seven hours of charging lasts up to 2 hours, and viewing streaming video on Wi-Fi. Although considering the chip and the card they are very expected the results are typical. A charger with a USB Type-C connector's power, incidentally, is 65 W, so the laptop is not going to even think about discharging during use.

Outcomes for the Lenovo ThinkPad E580
A chip, a monitor and battery, an excellent keyboard, protection from the standards of the American army, a whole lot of unique ports plus a Internet - what else is necessary for a simple worker, hard worker? Of the drawbacks, I can only highlight a video card that is feeble to call the laptop glitches with processor frequencies, and somewhat universal. The remainder is an extremely interesting option.