Sunday, 30 June 2019

Review ASUS X570UD Notebook - turquoise pseudo-gaming.

The test sample is"packed" nearly to the maximum, except the volume of the HDD is not 2 TB, but 1 TB.In general, I liked the design of this ASUS X570UD - it isn't competitive, but it doesn't create the belief that this is a standard"typewriter" for workplace function - pseudo-gaming from the flesh.
I used to not like just placing the arrow block also close to the cube that is digital.

The computer keyboard received three levels of white backlight, it could be called uniform, but that the gap isn't fully illuminated. The backlight dims after a minute of not using the computer keyboard or touchpad.

Such iron barely needs an extra explanation. With it, you can execute any tasks for which you can only consider this laptop: work that is comfy After Effects or Premiere Pro and even games, but around them a little later. Now - the results of the benchmarks.
Models using a 4K display aren't anticipated, in addition to with a two TB HDD drive and a 512 GB SSD push as you can see.
The fingerprint scanner works. Quite frequently, there is a finger not recognized the first time. And yet, following the next upgrade of Windows 10, - the scanner turned off and needed to scale intowilds of this system the editor of this local group coverage and enable the use of biometrics, but this is obviously an issue updating the operating system, rather than a specific scanner.
There is nothing in the front, for opening the lid of the notebook including a, but this isn't a problem - the lid appears marginally from the rest of the circumstance, so there is something to cling to.
On the other hand are: a Kensington lock slot, two USB 2.0 interfaces and a joint 3.5 millimeter audio jack.

Concerning the resolution. Windows 10 still does not work with higher resolution ideally, although Back in UHD, the image is fine. The conditional main interface and programs, in principle, are displayed in maximum resolution, but some of the elements of rarely used programs or menus, like the resource monitor, are indecently low resolution, and also scaling of some applications is wrong, which can be annoying.

I explained the equipment of the version I analyzed at the beginning of this review, but briefly remember: Intel Core i7-8550U Kaby Lake-R, different graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 (4 GB, GDDR5), incorporated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 512 GB SSD.
The touchpad is medium in size, and part of this working area has been"bitten off" by a fingerprint scanner. Even though the finger does not slide on it, it is responsive, the buttons have a click. There's support for all gestures offered in Windows 10 and protection against palm touches.
Slower configurations on the Intel Core i5-8250U processor are also available. RAM may be 8 or 16 . As of HDD, here is 1 or 2 TB for the drives, also to it, an SSD-drive with a capacity of 128 to 512 GB can be installed.

The shape of the laptop is rigorous, but with a twist in the form of marginally chopped corners of the case. What is noteworthy, the sliced corners are observed with the keyboard from the recesses across the touchpad and also the area.
The keyboard layout is as follows: the upper row of buttons has a reduced height, the down, down, left and right arrows are slightly reduced exactly like the keys of a digital unit that is separate. The arrow block is coupled using the buttons for controlling the playback of media content, and also the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys are combined with the corresponding buttons on the digital block (to use them, you must switch Num Lock). Both Alter are extended (though the proper one is slightly shorter), Enter is one-story, the abandoned Ctrl is short.

The HDD-drive for storing information is presented in the form of TOSHIBA (MQ04ABF100) having a capacity of 1 TB, employing a SATA3 connection. The rotation speed is 5400 rpm. I also provide evaluations.
The RAM in the test sample is 16 GB, the memory type is DDR4 with a powerful frequency of 2400 MHz.

Inside which can be branded concentric circles the display lid is textured, with a turquoise logo of the producer in the middle.
Element layout

The laptop is assembled normally, but the lid of the notebook is not very durable and stinks if subjected to the work area next to the keyboard and touchpad, it bends a little. The lid can be opened with one hand. I did not notice backlashes or any creaks .