Monday, 10 June 2019

Pseudo-gamer laptop ASUS TUF FX504G. What you need to know beforebuying?

It is no secret that on that our YouTube station Lately, brief videos are usually released a la"Everything you want to know before purchasing xxx?" . They justify their arrangement, but I discovered that it was never executed by me in text. This has to be fixed! Therefore, I shall briefly inform you about everything you want to know before purchasing a ASUS TUF FX504G pseudo-gamer notebook .

Naming and pseudo-gaming
To start with, the pseudo-name is removed by us in the street. I am bothered by it, and buyers are enragedas much as purchasing a pseudo-laptop to get pseudo-money. In the amount of an gaming PC, ASUS at this term usually means the filling of this gaming degree, Actually.

What are advised to purchase?

That. From purchasing an ASUS FX504G do not worry, you won't develop into a pseudo-gamer. Unless purchase it. In addition the FX504G is the laptop for the cash. When selecting device and this attribute is the secret.

He succeeded which pseudo-gaming is nothing more, and a marketing move. There aren't sufficient Natus Vincere decals on the sides of the computer keyboard, although this ASUS FX504G's plan is as gambling you can.

The plan is competitive lines run throughout the body that is dark. They're on the top of the notebook and on the instance onto the sides of the computer keyboard. The keyboard has caps and a red backlight. You won't find fault with its own quality lovely and dependable, and it's pushed.

The touchpad didn't hesitate to tie on gambling issues. The ASUS FX504 can't be called unbiased looking, so it is much better to take some ultrabook in your face, in the event that you would rather company meetings to LAN parties.


When we take into consideration our inspection example its electricity consists of also a version of the GTX 1050, also 12 GB of RAM plus a blend of an Intel Core i7-8750H. Concerning power balancing, the video card is really a poor link , and also a productive Core i5-8400H would be quite convenient, but if you're a pseudo-gamer through the daytime along with a pseudo-photoshop at nighttime, then 12 GB of RAM and eight chip threads are only suggested.

Concerning matches, you can trust any AAA project, found in the graphics settings in FullHD. 60 FPS you'll receive greater, although readily - just from games. Which is amusing, since this ASUS FX504G's matrix includes a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This isn't the choice, but do not expect to play from the Assassin's Creed although In e-sports.

Now for your data warehouse - in conjunction with the Core i7, rely on a 256 GB Micron NVMe push along with a conventional 2.5"terabyte hard disk. This system's responsiveness will probably be excellent, the launching of Windows 10 is lightning - here itself is shown by the generation of Intel chips .

Concerning information transport, the situation can also be candy - that the Intel Wireless-AC 9560 system module has support for 2.4 / 5 GHz, rather than straightforward, however MU-MIMO, so don't be concerned about wireless communication. And you've got a station and should you require speed, then connect via the RJ-45 connector, which the notebook has.

But ergonomics within this notebook let's down a little - then we skip this particular model if you require USB on either side of this situation. The whole trinity of 2 USB 3.1 and one USB 2.0 is on the interface side of this apparatus, and on the right is just Kensington Lock.

The freedom of this notebook, as a result of also an eight-thread contemporary chip along with its 48 Wh battery, is right. As much as an hour of matches around five hours of FullHD movie and around six to seven hours at office and studying style function.

The cooling of this ASUS FX504 is worthy - two lovers for the video and chip card. Concerning sound, the problem is much more complex - I can not, but I can not actually call it loudly to state the version is quiet. I will say this - if you sit at the cans and adhere in certain Tomb Rider people around you will hear that you're not occupied with the demonstration.

ASUS FX504 Outcomes
Envision a gaming notebook that is expensive that is conventional. Maintain its layout, build high-frequency screen, quality and extra attributes and a pair of drives. Get rid of out of it and put the level collection. The cost tag is democratic. You will Get the ASUS FX504G. And also my recommendation for nearly all entry-level players.

And moreover matches, this notebook is ideal for use photos, images and videos. And also to conduct CAD programs.

I can't recommend this version that want USB on either side of the situation and unless to individuals that wish to execute 120 Hz in jobs, in addition to buyers who don't enjoy an gamer layout. There are company ultrabooks or ASUS versions.