Thursday, 30 May 2019

Review of the tablet-laptop Lenovo Miix 520. Almost all in one.

At the design of this apparatus, a detail has been instantly noticed that hints in its"improved" prestige. This is a thick accent on a set of loops. When you join the computer keyboard, In other words, your tablet will be a notebook and a picture, and such a strategy doesn't occupy.
PositioningAbout ergonomics I shall say that at this Miix 520's palms it is possible to hold, however not require. I will not say just what weighs a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of steel, but I understand that maintaining a kilogram of a tablet (0.9 kg with no computer keyboard and 1.25 kg using it, to be precise) isn't so convenient.And since then the display is entered by me. And every time I don't enter it, one Malevich cries from the entire world.

Thermal performance can also be... peculiar. Regardless of the fact that the eight-stream of Intel is small in TDP and electricity consumption - just 15 watts the CPU was endangered by the strain test .
There is one detail that is interesting. The keyboard comes with an FN button, which should alter the purpose of keys state F1 - F12 multimedia buttons. I meanhe yields to his destination.
This Lenovo Miix 520's battery lasts for 1 hour 9 minutes of load in Battery Eater' 05, in other words, with the involvement of NVMe, also the GPU, and all eight CPU threads.

The location of these elements is noteworthy. On the left is electricity, on the right volume.
Outcomes for your Lenovo Miix 520

And because switches to the keyboard's multimedia mission is defaulted. And you know - I am with both palms FOR an approach. Alt + F4, I utilize volume varies than, say, in the long run. Well, a bonus to all - that the keyboard has an backlight that is added.
The entire world hasn't stood still, since the iPad made its way into the Olympus of all gadgets. And here before me is your Lenovo Miix 520, a tablet computer with a detachable keyboard that costs over some gaming notebooks. Can he deserve this kind of cost? Find out don't worry.

Except a weak mouse I notice. This baby would flip . Although, since the absence of dGPU doesn't save the pill computer from heating... I really don't understand. For also a class with a salary over the typical and a individual, the gadget can be recommended by me. But if you would like to count cash, you will be helped by then the Yoga Book.

The cooling system in matches functions loudly. Well, by the noise of the fan although perhaps not so but I will ascertain what the owner is currently performing.
The screen on the Lenovo Miix 520 is cute. Seeing angles, contrast and brightness are top-end.
Under heaps disproportionately satisfactory - some other, a la, you can trust, say, 7 hours of enjoying with a picture.

Computer keyboard
In jobs, when working from the machine and generally with files, as a result of NVMe, the pill is magnificent. Quick, smart and responsive, and silent.
Data transfer
Windows Hello via voice recognition and webcams. I won't say anything - my backup was devoid. But after getting the tablet computer, I had a glitch, and rather than logging in to Windows, I entered the display. But this issue was repaired by upgrading the machine.
Additionally, it is pleasant to utilize the Energetic Pen two stylus - it is convenient, precise (4096 amounts of pressing), along with also the button on the rear of it functions just like a rollback to the previous actions, a la Ctrl + Z. I have to say straight away about the noise - it is excellent on the pill! Stereo, rich and clear Atmos after all. And loudly enough to utilize the apparatus.
Shell and applications

Top - slots for heating. It's busy. Over the display, in the front, a webcam is there. In the back, we've got the business logo, in addition to the camera altered to the left, nameplate and data, and a set of loops to which the diameter of the tablet, a, is connected.
Add and you receive a device which, unlike signature laptops, won't bend beneath the yoke of the user energy's strain.
The market place with this particular model isn't the most comfy. In the feeling that the audience for this type of tablet, and even for $ using 512 GB SSD, is uncommon. Competitors are not currently drowning in sugarand therefore price they could offer Thunderbolt 3. I keep quiet.

HereI immediately mention that the tablet computer supports a SIM card's setup. So there's 3G Internet.
A tablet for perform jobs is exactly what it is. A hybrid vehicle is simple, although I can not call it a notebook, regardless of how advertising is puffed. Miix includes stylus service a display, eight chip threads, and RAM / ROM to feed a troop of soldiers. Additionally, there's an intriguing computer keyboard with FN-changer and backlight.
Actually terrific! It functions as the screen cover once folded, high quality, attaches snugly nice and is obvious. With it, a charm, which was called Microsoft Surface's proprietors earlier is acquired by the pill.
Tests in matches (HD, typical FPS( minimal high quality settings) are not too pleasant. Out 9 FPS, the pill squeezed in Rise of Tomb Rider. Even FPS were got, and that is all you want to learn more about this tablet's gaming capabilities.

Nine threads, four cores, increase around 4 GHz with a minimal frequency of 1.8 GHz. Frequency from 300 to 1150 MHz, intel UHD Graphics 620 video center. RAM 16 frequency 2133 MHz, GB. In the function of information storage - one drive, but what! Samsung NVMe SSD in 480 GB. Plus - the USB and I attached my drive that is Transcend with no issues, which means that you will not be left with no volume.

But on the dining table, the Miix 520 feels convinced, like a squid in a genre of theatre that is indecent. The lean angle can be set around 150 levels (not Celsius), and branded strong hinge loops will avoid the tablet from falling even while using the stylus.

This tablet's periphery causes me a collection of questions. Why does it have? And the two straps are on the side of this pill, together with the power connector. Given that a notebook should be replaced by Miix, this arrangement isn't appropriate for everybody.
The delivery is exhaustive. The Miix 520 a computer keyboard, in addition to itself, a charger and stylus. I came so that I abandon the conscience of vendors with any things like instances, in addition to guarantees, instructions pills, dynamos and missiles.